What learning have we done recently that will be lasting learning?


Friday 27th February
Renee said, "Meeting new people that I haven't worked with before."
Jeremy said, "To know how to use our feelings to find out how to get on with other people."
"Knowing how to make a Patchwork Quilt." said Morgan.
"Learning my times tables," said Harry.
Ella said, "It's important to show our emotions and to talk about them."
"Using your emotions to show how you feel." Aria commented.
Sophie commented, "It's great making new friends."
Annabelle said, "Knowing that we have neurons in our brains that fire and wire."
Tom commented, "Being able to write more and more."

Thursday 9th April
Grace said, "Other people's needs are sometimes bigger than your own."
Sophie D said "Messages don't go through to our brains if there are not enough neurons firing."
James said, "My dad's lecture helped me to understand more about my brain."
"Your limbic ring is where all your emotions are kept," said Aria.
"The kayaking at camp was fun because I beat Renee's team in a kayaking race!" said Jeremy.
Sophie K said, "The Gorge Expedition was best because I got to experience things I've never done before."
Ben said, "Learning to play the guitar and being in Ensemble is fantastic because I love music!"
Brenna said, "I'll never forget working with another teacher and new people during Living 'n Giving Week."
"I'll never forget looking at the audience smiling after our Living 'n Giving performance," said Aria.
Morgan said, "I'll never forget the Geoff Sewell concert even although it was quite a few weeks ago!"
Renee said, "I felt really proud of myself when I touched the roof during rock wall climbing."
Ella said, "I'll never forget abseiling down the cliff at Camp Iona."
"Meeting new people and being with different children in the Alpha Group at camp was an interesting and pleasing experience," Sophie D said.