Our first integrated inquiry for the year is "READY, SET, GO!" Read below to find out more about where our learning is heading.

James' Dad talked to us about our brains. He is a brain expert because he has completed a university Masters Degree. He showed us slides, drew diagrams, helped us to write huge numbers (e.g. the number of neurons we have in our bodies), and explained lots of scientific information. Now we know how truly amazing our brains are!
Here are the slides James' Dad showed us.

DARE TO MAKE A CHOICE To conclude this part of READY, SET, GO! we held a DARE Celebration and Fun Day. We have all learnt so much about how to make sensible choices, how to deal with and manage hassles, how to resist peer pressure, and how to make the best decisions for ourselves. During our Celebration and Fun Day we were involved in a myriad of fabulous activities:

  • watching Murphy (a Police dog) use his sense of smell to find objects in our playground

  • learning card tricks

  • making Lolly Cake

  • performing in Theatre Sports

  • creating personalised stationery

  • ice skating at the Dunedin Ice Stadium

  • learning about Safe Kids First Aid (St John's)

  • receiving our DARE to Make a Choice certificates and T-shirts from Constable P.

Here are some photos (more to come later). Unfortunately, most of the ice skating photos did not turn out well! We must have been skating too fast for the camera!

OUR NERVOUS SYSTEM We discovered that our nervous system (nerves, spinal cord and brain) controls everything we do. Neurons are our the cells in our nervous system. They turn the information we sense from our world into messages that our brain can understand and act upon. It's hard to believe that information travels up and down our spinal cords at about 320 kilometres per hour!

We made models of a neuron. Can you see the cell body, the dendrites, the axon and the synaptic terminal?

We have been PREDICTING what happens to our BRAINS when we are experiencing different EMOTIONS. Press the play buttons to watch our slideshows (made using KidPix) to see these predictions. Please note: these have not yet been spell-checked, but we are confident that you will understand our messages!
Grace Harry James Kim Leah Mya Tyson Vitaliy Liam Luke Ella Brenna Aria Ella Kendra Sophie K D'Arcy

is part of 'Ready, Set, Go!' because the choices we make about all sorts of things will have an effect on our relationships and on our ability to make and keep friends. Below are some photos of us holding something very special. Being able to talk about these special things with others is part of what helps to build healthy relationships.