BUSH FIRE TRAGEDY COIN TRAIL After hearing about the terrible bush fires in Victoria, Australia, Room 7 helped to operate a coin trail to raise money for those affected. We raised over $500. The money was sent to Bendigo Violet Street Primary School and three other schools in the Bendigo area. We chose these schools because they showed such great hospitality to Mrs W when she visited last year to learn more about 'Play is the Way'. Here is an excerpt of the message received from the principal of Bendigo Violet Street Primary School after we had sent him the money.
This is just the biggest thankyou that I can muster to you and your school community for your most generous donation. I have been humbled by the amount of goodwill that we have received, but particularly in your case from so far away! I have made mention to many people in our area of your school’s support. The St Clair School name will be held in very high regard in the Bendigo area! I will forward an equal portion of the raised funds to Camp Hill P.S. Specimen Hill P.S. and California Gully P.S. (other fire affected school communities). Rest assured that the food and cleaning credits will be very welcomed and appreciated by these families. If you could please pass on my sincere thanks and appreciation to all of the students, staff and family members who helped raise the money – we think that you are a fantastic school community and your efforts will not be forgotten!